September 2018

“Accepting Seasons of Life”
A funny thing happened on the way to a rain drenched high school football game recently, namely the realization that this uneventful 7 to 6 slugfest victory was played out on numerous occasions prior, only this time my wife and I were there supporting a “grandson” and ‘not” one of our five sons…“time flies while you’re having fun” or so the saying goes!

Well irregardless as one considers the seasons of life revealed in the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 3 it’s obvious that each season is sovereignly planned out by God, even though climbing up bleachers and reaching to the ground to pick up a dropped program isn’t quite as easy as it used to be…“God has made everything beautiful in its time” v. 11.

Therefore I’ve chosen not to complain but roll with the flow of God’s meandering streams of life! How about you?
In His love,
Pastor Mike

P.S. If you had told me the score of the game afterwards without me attending
nor knowing what sport my grandson was playing I would have asked you if it ended on a walk-off?